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The company FORCHHEIM UND WILLING GmbH … … offers full range of components in-house manufactured for an efficient and reliable emergency lighting system. Our components are customisable to any room or building optimally. Especially, our monitoring modules and power supplies will be adapted in dimension and performance to requirements of application. EMERGENCY LAMPS (LAMPS FOR EMERGENCY ESCAPE LIGHTING and EXIT SIGNS LAMPS) of Forchheim und Willing GmbH are designed to minimal energy use and optimal light output and efficiency. Our monitoring modules and power supply are designed to continuous power capacity. Our MONITORING MODULES and POWER SUPPLIES are designed to continuous power capacity very long time. Monitoring modules check and control operations of emergency lamps and power supply.
Emergency lamps - Product table
Here we present our system of emergency lamps, monitoring modules and power supplies … … in appropriate product tables:
Lamps for emergency escape lighting We offer two types of these Lamps for emergency escape lighting, model  „KAPPA“       escape route lamps, the extreme flat lighting model variant  („batwing light“) for an optimal lighting of escape ways  and the so named     anti panic lamps, the variante with „cosinus light“ for a very equal lighting of rooms to reduce likelihood of panic.  Both variants of these lamp model operate in SINGLE BATTERY POWER SUPPLY  and CENTRAL BATTERY POWER SUPPLY.
Exit sign lamps We offer all types of our  Exit sign lamps,  the models  „SIGMA“, „OMEGA“, „BALU“ and „BOX“ of principle in  5 mounting variants (ceiling mounted, pendant mounted, wall mounted etc.).  All variants of these lamp models operate in SINGLE BATTERY POWER SUPPLY  and CENTRAL BATTERY POWER SUPPLY. Monitoring modules  and power supplies -  Product table Single battery monitoring systems   Grouped power supply systems
Please look for all information in our product tables ! Find all DATA SHEETS with PRODUKT PICTURE, TECHNICAL INFORMATIONS and ORDER INFORMATION for downloading. The DOWNLOAD lists includes title of technical documents enclosed with our products. You can download documents about installation, application and service (data sheet, installation instruction and operation manual) and our PLANNING MANUAL. „Planning manual emergency lighting“ … here for downloading (PDF) or as booklet direct at our house (in german language only).